The requirement

As the pandemic gripped the country, the DHSC required Managed Quarantine Service (MQS), on-site management, and multi-agency coordination across the 80 hotels in England and Wales.

During its lifetime, the MQS has hosted more than 200,000 guests with over 2 million bed-nights. Many of these have had vulnerabilities, medical needs or required exemptions for a range of reasons.

The solution

GSA Global’s staff managed daily site meetings with all stakeholders, ensuring compliance with testing regimes, swift reporting of absconders, and the welfare of vulnerable guests. We also reported daily on the risks across the entire estate to the DHSC strategic command, recommending changes to operating procedures and policies.

We provided each hotel with Liaison Officers, who provided the structure to manage the risk and welfare of vulnerable guests. Prior to our involvement there were frequent unfavourable media reports, but our coordinated management of the properties ensured these were greatly reduced.

We also supplied senior officials who assisted in the overall management of the department. In one instance, we ensured a key witness in a trial at Harrow Crown Court, who had travelled from Brazil to provide evidence, was able to make the trial without complications.

The result

Our work proved pivotal for the DHSC and the various teams at the quarantined hotels. Below are just a few examples of the positive feedback we received:

“I want to say a big thank you. I know how much effort, diligence and thought has gone into the work that you have completed last night, and that this work has taken numerous calls, emails and communications. Your work, your commitment, and the quality has not gone unnoticed. Every piece of work was executed with thought, skill and timeliness.” – Social Worker Team, MQS.

“As we start to demobilise, on behalf of the DHSC landside operational staff, I would like to formally acknowledge our thanks to all your colleagues at GSA who have contributed to the MQS programme. Liaison officers, thematic review team, control room, absconder’s unit and GSA management have all added significant value.” – Deputy Director, MQS

“You have played a key role in supporting refugees and consistently going the extra mile to ensure their needs were met. We were placed under considerable challenge to gather data (that we would not ordinarily collect) at breakneck speed, and we faced difficulties in ensuring that essential items were provided in all hotels. In all cases, you stepped forward and delivered what was required. You have gone above and beyond anything that could be asked of you. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you continue to do, day in and day out, to carry out this immensely important public duty.” – Director of Operations MQS, Department of Health and Social Care.