GSA Global has launched following the merger of previously linked, but separate, companies Global Secure Accreditation, GSA Security & Risk (formerly BGS), GSA Cyber Secure, GSA Resourcing and newly acquired MHG Corporate Risks bringing them together under one umbrella organisation, GSA Global. With a multi-skilled team of many years’ experience at its heart, GSA Global is well positioned to offer an integrated physical and cyber security services in response to growing global demand for full-spectrum security offerings.

GSA Global is focused on four specialist services: investigations & crisis management, insider risk, cyber security and protection services. The Group aims to maximise the benefit to clients of being able to quickly bring to bear combined resources from specialist teams to tackle threats and risks of all kinds. Whether it’s for corporate clients, Government Departments or high net worth individuals, GSA Global stands ready to deploy its experienced teams to mitigate risks and tackle threats whatever form they may take.

“We know that the nature of security threats is constantly changing, and our business needs to respond accordingly, said David Wood, CEO of GSA Global. “Our background in law enforcement and national security and our team’s diverse skills and experience allows us to address every possible security and resilience threats and risks.”

He added: “The new group structure and specialisms will ensure that we deliver this expertise to our clients in the most effective way as well as giving us the flexibility to offer innovative solutions to new and complex security challenges as they arise.”

In recent years, the responsibilities of security executives has extended beyond technology to include physical security as well as cyber. According to IDG’s 2020 Security Priorities Study, 42% of top security executives say they have had physical security duties added to their responsibilities.

GSA Global’s experts recognise today’s threats are a result of hybrid attacks targeting both physical and cyber assets. The adoption and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and mobile workers has led to an increasingly interconnected mesh of cyber-physical systems, which expands the attack surface and blurs the once clear functions of cybersecurity and physical security. What’s more, efforts to build cyber resilience and accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies can introduce or exacerbate security risks.

David Wood added: “Together, cyber and physical assets represent a significant security risk: each can be targeted, separately or simultaneously, to compromise systems and/or infrastructure. Yet physical security and cybersecurity divisions are often still treated as separate entities. When security leaders operate in these siloes, they lack a holistic view of security threats targeting their enterprise. As a result, attacks are more likely to occur and can lead to the exposure of sensitive or proprietary information, economic damage and even loss of life. It is therefore vital to have a well-rounded security offering that works in tandem.

“At GSA Global we have chosen to unify what were separate divisions under a new common goal of providing comprehensive security solutions. Our mission is to protect our clients’ most valuable assets, their people, property, information, and reputation: delivering specialist expertise in secure and sensitive environments. As a group, we are committed to assisting organisations with their cybersecurity and physical security threats, so they are better prepared to identify, prevent, mitigate, and respond to threats.”