This whitepaper aims to help corporates understand the ISO’s potential implications for an employer’s travel security obligations and liabilities in the context of existing UK law. Understanding ISO 31030 will help corporates whose employees are required to travel to consider the extent to which they are meeting their duty of care to their employees and others in the context of travel. Nothing within the paper should be treated as legal advice, which will always vary depending on the specific situation.

ISO 31030 was published in September 2021 to complement the general ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard. The ISO standard is the first truly global benchmark for travel risk management and provides a framework of good practice.

In the whitepaper, we explore some of the UK civil, regulatory and criminal legal implications that may affect a corporate when an employee or other person suffers harm, injury or death connected to work related travel. It is critical for businesses to understand responsibilities they owe to their employees and others, as well as the options that could be available to an employee or other person should they decide to take action against their employer, and the potential for legal action by the UK regulators and public authorities.

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