Being an industry leader

Hotel Mulia takes pride in being a customer-centric hotel facility – one that promises a level of service that goes above and beyond, creating a memorable experience for every customer that steps through its doors. Its luxury suites and conference rooms also provide the perfect base for business and finance meetings, and every hotel visit, regardless of the occasion, is marked by a commitment to making things as seamless as possible.

Part of making every visit as seamless as possible involves ensuring the hotel has the highest standard of security available. Although the local security market has not been as sensitive in recent years – with the most recent bombing in Jakarta being in 2009 – there is still a wider demand for local hotels to demonstrate best practices when it comes to safety and security.

Hotel Mulia demonstrates a high level of security assurance in its hotel with its on-site leisure and hospitality services, providing all its visitors with everything they may need during their stay within the walls of the hotel. It also conducts regular internal audits to ensure its safety and security processes are up to scratch and understood by staff. However, not one to rest on its laurels, the hotel wished to improve its security posture by enlisting GSA Global’s assessment and accreditation expertise.

The approach

As a result of international corporate clients requiring the added guarantee of the properties’ approach to safety and security, Hotel Mulia underwent the GSA Global accreditation process for its hotel complex to receive feedback on how to build on its current standards and procedures.

The GSA Global accreditation has become an internationally recognised assessment for hotel safety and security. It is the ultimate seal of approval for hotels and serviced apartments wishing to demonstrate high levels of security credentials. Assessors complete a risk assessment unique to the specific accommodation, taking into consideration the likelihood and impact of national, regional and local security risks. This is either managed through an evidence-based online process, undertaken virtually through a bespoke web-based software platform, or a full on-site inspection. GSA Global makes pragmatic recommendations to enhance existing practices and procedures as well as potential new initiatives.

One of GSA Global’s trained assessors conducted a thorough assessment of Hotel Mulia’s current security processes and procedures. This included interviewing staff and then cross-referencing their reviews to identify any pain points that needed to be remedied. Once the assessor was confident that best-in-class standards had been met, Hotel Mulia was issued the independent GSA Global accreditation certificate.

In the wake of ISO 31030, the first international travel risk management standard, more multinationals are requesting detailed information about a hotel’s security standards when selecting preferred suppliers, so having GSA Global’s accreditation is an important part of delivering duty of care reassurance to customers and prospective corporate travel managers.

“Although Jakarta’s security market isn’t as sensitive as before, it’s important, nonetheless, to refresh your security approach, particularly following the pandemic, where many hotels needed a new approach to their security quality. GSA Global was able to provide this for us, through a seamless and easy-to-communicate assessment process”, explained Untung Dwijono, Safety and Security Manager at Hotel Mulia.

“When we began working with GSA Global, the process and virtual assessment were to follow, and the information report and feedback were very detailed but straightforward to implement. This, in turn, allowed us to take on feedback, which was a learning curve for us, as a hotel, to take on and improve our current security posture and standards. We will carry forward the recommendations to our senior management team so we can continue to enhance our security quality for all our visitors”.

The result

Hotel Mulia’s accreditation has helped the company ensure it is staying ahead of its security commitments and quality. This, in turn, helps Hotel Mulia ensure its security standards meet the requirements of corporates who have a duty of care towards their travelling employees.

The GSA Global team has agreed to meet regularly with the team at Hotel Mulia to review the practices and provide relevant feedback, that senior management can then implement across its site.