The Challenge

GSA Global were recruited to ensure that safety protocols across the Holiday Inn Merida hotel were sufficiently robust. Enlisted through the HSBC banking RFP which deemed it a requirement, the GSA Global independent certification helped the hotel ensure preventive security measures were in place across its premises.

The Solution

GSA Global carried out a thorough assessment, analysing the security and safety service levels of the hotel group. An invaluable solution for demonstrating high level of security and safety competency to clients and guests, the hotel chain found the process to be incredibly rigorous, requiring a joint effort to secure the accreditation. Following accreditation, Holiday Inn Merida has successfully acquired 60-65 RFPs this year and is now better equipped to ensure the safety of its guests and clients.

The Result

Pamela Gual Orozco, Rooms Division Manager at Holiday Inn Merida, found the overall accreditation process to be both enriching and supportive. “I would like to thank GSA Global for all the support provided during the accreditation process. It has been of great quality and, above all, very enriching” said Pamela.  The evaluation process provided the hotel with a better understanding of various factors when considering safety and security standards across the Group. “Talking about security issues is talking about people’s lives, so the process we carried out has reinforced everything we must consider when evaluating ourselves. It reinforces our safety and life standards that we have in the hotel as a brand.”

Our global reach, quality advisory service, and extensive feedback gave Holiday Inn Merida the necessary guidance  to improve its security profile, reinforcing its internal procedures and improving guest welfare throughout the hotel. Through the accreditation, Holiday Inn Merida were able to promote its rigorous security standards and, in doing so, reaffirm its unwavering commitment to safety.