GSA restructures to address client needs in a changing global security environment.

Specialist risk and security consultancy GSA Global has launched following the merger of previously linked, but separate, companies Global Secure Accreditation, GSA Security & Risk (formerly BGS), GSA Cyber Secure, GSA Resourcing and newly acquired MHG Corporate Risks bringing them together under one organisation, GSA Global.

“We know that the nature of security threats is constantly changing, and our business needs to respond accordingly”, said David Wood, CEO of GSA Global. “Our background in law enforcement, national security and global business, and our team’s exceptional skills and experience allows us to address the most important security and resilience threats and risks. The new group structure and specialisms will ensure that we deliver this expertise to our clients in the most effective way as well as giving us the flexibility to offer innovative solutions to new and complex security challenges as they arise.”

David Wood and Bob Quick explain more.